I am a yogini and a mother. I’m an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Akashic Records reader, and Reiki practitioner. 

I believe we can alter and altar our life:
There is magic in the mundane...
​bliss in the banal.
Radiant and beautiful.
Life is ceremony.
The day is your dharma.
You chose this life on planet Earth... now let’s make the most of it!


I spent my childhood, teenage years and twenties in a dissociated and disembodied blur, most of which I can’t remember, especially with the introduction of drugs and alcohol in my teens.

In my thirties I “got it together” and finally did this thing everyone else was doing- being responsible and “adulting”.

From the outside I probably seemed successful and happy, but I was withering daily. It got to the point where I became suicidal because I had NO idea how to live life. I was either out of body or miserable doing the 3D/real world thing.

I was totally frazzled, ungrounded, and desperate (DESPERATE) for change.
​I finally realized things wouldn't change until I did- I needed to honor my heart, myself

In my practice of yoga and Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) I realized it’s the little things we do all day, every day that add up to the biggest impact on our life- mind, body and SPIRIT. Potent life transformations occur when the wisdom of Ayurveda is incorporated into daily rhythms. And ESPECIALLY when we begin to see everything through the lens of the sacred and ceremonial. The mundane can be magical, the banal can be blissful. The 3D earthly plane is a gift, but we must learn to navigate it well, especially as starseeds and light workers.

Mental and physical well-being is possible for us, if we’re willing to show up, ground and make the space for change and healing. And when we honor the day-to-day as well as spirit. When we alter, we altar. And our connection to the astral gets even STRONGER as we root into the earth. 🌎✨🌏

As my journey with Ayurveda continued it led me to shamanism (my ancestry is Peruvian and this felt like a natural fit) and to honor my clairaudient and claircognizant gifts.
Eventually this led me to the Akashic Records!!! Something just clicked within when I first heard about them and said “yes”.

When I went into my Akashic Records for the first time, it was a homecoming.
I heard joyous laughter and them (Pleiadians) saying “She’s here! She’s here! She’s back!” I could feel their excitement and sense them gathering ‘round. They were celebrating. There was such a presence of love and care and so much light. I knew I’d be connecting into my Records on an almost daily basis from then on.

This also led me to reiki, of which I’d never experienced, but I was strongly guided into becoming a practitioner. The placement were POWERFUL and I was made aware of my light weapons during the placements as well as being a light warrior.

It has been such a joy to do Reiki sessions for others and channel messages from their guides! I never, never ever saw this coming, so many years ago. I got completely blindsided by it all, but here I, gladly, am!

I’ve learned that’s how it works- sometimes you have to trust that incredible things are on their way to you, in ways that can’t even be imagined!

And every time you must trust the soul-guidance you are given.

My daily practices of Ayurvedic habits and soul-guidance have rewarded me with a blessed life. 🙏🌈💕

You are always surrounded and guided! But it is YOU who must take the actions.


I spent a transformative month living at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health getting my 200 hour yoga teacher certification. I received my 85 hour pre/postnatal certificate through the Bhakti Yoga Center in Portland, OR. I've trained more than 200 hours in Ayurveda and habit change with Cate Stillman, and completed the Ayurvedic Health Counselor program from the California College of Ayurveda with 600 hours of studies. For my Akashic Records, I have studied with Ashley Wood of ALN Within. I am an Usui/ Holy Fire®III/ New Earth Reiki: Level I & II practitioner, certified through Purnima Chaudhari.

I’ve learned a great deal, but still have so much more to learn through all the individuals I work with.

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